Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Time to Create With Color Burst

Such fun in a small bottle! And the creative wheels are spinning,  you will have to visit again to find out about the really cool projects I came up with using all of the elements I created!

kinda making a mess…..

mod podge goodness…..

see the texture…...

and the distressed look…..

cheaper than therapy!

how does a girl stop?

layers of fun!

heating up the craft tool!

blotting with the 'ole kitchen roll!

the science of colors…...

cranking out the die cuts…..

oh yes! I am falling into this creation!

I had this thought, "what if I placed another leaf over the top of this  one"…...

how many leaves should I make!

Two leaves about to become four!

loving the colors…… and so ready for fall! Texas days are still finding us in the 90's!

And the lady is going crazy! That's right let us mess up everything and drag all the toys out! 



Alizarin Crimson; is there any reason not to love this color?!

Getting carried away in the moments!

Are you ready for Fall yet?!

Yummy goodness!

A little inky fingers, but ahhhh look at the details of the leaf!


Can you really throw away the scraps?!

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek!

Thank you for meeting me at Studio 52
  where serendipity moments happen!



  1. Girl, look at you go! I love everything about the new look of the blog! What messy fun you had and I wasn't even there! Can't wait to see your creation. I am definitely intrigued! Don't keep me waiting too long :)

  2. LOL better write this one on your calendar since I didn't wait long to publish all of this; thanks to the power of dating blogs! Thanks!

  3. Oh my Valerie what a mess I did make- seems absurd that it takes four times longer to clean up than it does to drag out the stuff! And I used every single square inch avalable.


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