Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cardmaking Take 2 with Color Burst

As promised I am sharing my card inspiration with all of the fun elements I created using Ken Oliver's Color Burst!

This is the really distressed piece I created and honestly I considered tossing it in the trash can! My sixteen year old daughter just showed up in my studio and this was her favorite card! See the touch of Ken Oliver scrapbooking paper?!  Love, love, love his papers!

Card #2 features a scrap of burlap with the leaf falling out of the die cut! I simply used my Tim Holtz tiny attacher to secure all of my layers together making for a very quick assemble!

Card #3 featuring Ken Oliver watercolor paper!!! And a pop of die cut flowers finish off the card!

Card 4 is just pure joy with all of the color!! And can we say joy is the key to living life to the fullest?!

Color Burst is something to celebrate! 

Hope you are inspired to make some new cards! They make great gifts!

Thank you for meeting me at Studio 52
  where serendipity moments happen!



  1. Thank goodness for your daughter saving the day! I LOVE all the cards! Ok, it's my turn to come take lessons from you! I think you have moved out ahead of me again! Well done my friend! Well done!

  2. Valerie, it will take you only a few minutes with Color Burst and you will zoom off again, ahead of me! I kept staring at the sewing machine, which was threaded with black thread. I wanted brown and just was a bit reluctant to change it out for fear I would mess it up. I like the 5x7 format of these cards, giving a nice canvas to create on! Thank you for all your encouraging words!


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