Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Behind the Scenes of Prom Day

Prom Dates and Prom Dresses and Prom proposals, and Prom hair & nails conjures up memories for many of us and thanks to Pinterest the expectations have risen. But, here on the farm us girls kinda feel like the pictures are pretty important in preserving a few of the moments that are almost a blur the day of due to the ridiculous amount of tiny details that require some work! And the influx of social media feed the night of prom and the next morning gets a few ahhhs and at times turns to "OMG more prom pictures" then turns to "the only thing in my news feed is prom pics!" As a photographer, but in this particular photo shoot the mother, I decided to wait until all prom pictures went away and slowly had faded into our memory banks before I shared ours with you!

The hours of planning, shopping, nails,  flowers, hair and makeup is kinda crazy in the big grand scheme of things.  Being from a very small community the budget is limited and historically food has never been a part of the evening.  I had agreed to host an after prom party for the kids to come back and eat and play hide and go seek with the glow in the dark glow sticks. We live out on a small farm in the middle of no where so it was the perfect place for such an activity! I should have taken pictures of that too, but was pooped after all the steaming of dresses, photo shoot and getting the food ready…… so without any more ramblings, let me show you just a few glimpses of the Cinderella moments! And just for grins, this here mother has a new found respect for the fairy godmother in that story……

Jacqueline, one of my daughters dear friends from school joined us for a day on the farm too! She was so cute and provided us with lots of giggles..... some extras could have been brought on by the simple fact that we all witnessed Josue zoom past our house multiple times and then would disappear for another 10-15 minutes. For some odd reason his GPS was refusing to guide him to our driveway. One might wonder why he did not notice all of the girls out in the front yard; but then again perhaps it is because he only has eyes for Miss Jacqueline!

On a special note the two young men with my two beautiful daughters were their very first friends when they became part of our forever family! So of course I thought it was indeed a special event and most fitting that Remington and Sawyer asked Olivia and Damita to prom their Junior and Senior years. And not for one second never, ever let anyone tell you that what the guys wear is any less important to them than the dress is to the girl!

Oh and tiaras and crowns are a big deal…. Remington and Olivia were crowned at the end of the evening and sad face here, I have yet to see a decent picture of that…… But the blingy little tiara and roses graced our kitchen table for a few days…..

Big smiles happen when Mom shows up at school to get you
out early to go dress shopping.....

A Patty Duke moment! My girls walked out of the dressing room wearing the same dress; and yes they planned that moment just for me! So cute these two are! Of course I captured that moment and I thought this would be a good opener for this blog post. But first things first we did stop at our favorite spot and enjoyed a sandwich and I always love the fresh flowers on the tables…..

Say yes to the dress! Mission accomplished!

Big sister Leslie Rene' is the prom hair queen and did another
fabulous job on the girls hair; can we just mention that
there is a lot of hair?!?

Damita being the makeup artist for her friend, Jacky!

A few images captured before all of the young men arrived.....
lots of giggles and laughter....

Love these young ladies!



and a little Abbey Road practicing.....

"I always have manners and stuff. 
But on prom night, it's special. It's her prom, 
and I want it to be really special."
-by Brandin Hadwin (Josue) 

"I never liked that song until 
I danced to it with you."
by Chelsea Stark (Jacqueline)

Jacky and Josue

a few details......



Red Corvette, compliments of dad.....! He indeed was a good sport and
cleaned it up so we could use it in the photo shoot too! It really does take
a small village of people to pull off a prom day!

Sweetheart red roses were absolutely stunning!




"My perspective about prom was that it was fun and
full of memories for a lifetime." Remington

Just my two girls.....

"We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well"

Congratulations to Damita and Sawyer!

Class of 2018

You both made it all the way thru high school and remained friends …. 

and friendship is precious!

"I am glad me and Damita went to prom together,
we really have been friends all of our lives." -Sawyer

"Winning isn't everything; but tonight it was" -Olivia

and soon the memories will fade just like an old photograph but always remember
special moments are made more special when shared with a friend..... 
I did have one little glow in the dark pic….

"With the changing seasons of our lives sketched on the canvas 
of our hearts, the paint brush dipped in many colors 
adds its strokes and is always changing
how we view the painting ."  Teresa
What a honor that you two call me Mom! I love you both more than you may ever know!

Have fun my Miss Jacky with your adorable Josue;

may you always navigate your way 

thru life and travel down the 

roads that bring happiness and always 

remember to laugh!

It isn't London, but it is our London and with a little help they perfected the Abbey Road walk!

"Here comes the sun
Doo doo doo doo
Here comes the sun and I say It's alright
Little darling
It's been a long, cold, lonely winter
Little darling
It feels like years since it's been here....
Little darling
The smile's returning to the faces
Little darling....
Here comes the sun
It's alright"
the Beetles

And just like that; they were off to the next moment of their day….

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