Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Tapestry of Color

I often think of the tapestry of life and how the Lord uses many fibers, colors, and instruments to weave us together...some instruments can cause pain, some can just be sweet, some can just be real, and some can just cause us to pause and ponder....FB has been a blessing to me because I have been able to re-connect and see many people that touched my life and contributed to it. And then there are those who are in my life today continuing to add to the tapestry that is on the Master weaver's loom. My tapestry will be finished one day and for those of you that added a strand or two, thank you!  

till next time....


(go ahead and say you like this becasue if you are reading this,  rest assured you are probably one of those beautiful gold threads that runs through me!)


(me and my iPhone camera and apps having fun)