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Friday, September 12, 2014


Today as I pulled up in front of my sons home, my current, temporary office the American flag flying in the front lawn caught my eye.  The day had been really overcast and no bright blue skies to be seen. The flag was such a pop of color, but much more.  A reminder that we remember 911 and the horrific events that took place in our nation that day.

I snapped a quick pic or two and ran it through my Rhonna app. I should have known I would not take just a few minutes to create a quick picture. As this came together so many thoughts popped through my mind.  When I think about my homeland and all we have experienced and going through today I can be overwhelmed. And suddenly I have a ahh-ahh moment ....... 

When this earth passes away and we have a new heavens and new earth, God will be the light for the holy city of the new Jerusalem: “there shall be no night there … for the Lord God gives them light” (Revelation 22:5).

I am thankful that I still enjoy the freedom to worship my God and I am grateful that many people have fought for that freedom and continue to do so...... Many have gone before us...... 

"All gave some, some gave all."

In closing this short entry and I think about all of the emotions that flooded my heart as I looked at the solemn reminder of all ...... I pause; I pray; I celebrate; and I press on......

Go and make some melodies!

Till next time my coffee cup and mouse meet.....


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