Saturday, February 13, 2016

Going Live With Something New

What I am about to release seems very gutsy, scary, intimidating, alarming and may surprise, shock and offend some! And as I am sitting here wanting to chicken out again and ask myself for the one hundredth time, "WHY, WHY should I do this?", I am choosing to be brave, fearless, accountable and perhaps obedient! There I said it! If you are reading this you may be wondering what is this lady up to. Here is the deal, back in January on my birthday I was headed into town and got this crazy idea to make a video, yep it was a new thought. I was having fun and just kept doing it, but something was going off in me, this crazy thought of maybe, just maybe I could become a regular blogger if I told my story, rather than write it! I love to write, however my time is limited and recording a video could be done in a fraction of the time. New thought....

Later that afternoon my friend Rhonda wanted her daughter to hear some of the videos, because she is a YouTube fan. I just simply said, hey Trella listen to this lady I found on the internet, about a minute into it she said something like, hey that's you and your good and you should upload that to YouTube because people would listen to you. And what do I do, hit the PAUSE button.

A few weeks later I decided to play a few videos for my 16 year old daughter who had no idea about any of this. She was very intrigued and sat and listened and listened and listened...... Night before last this same daughter asked if I had uploaded any videos. My answer was a simple no! "WHY MOM, WHY? You need to do it, my friends and I want to listen to you!"

Last night, one of my oldest running friends, Dru showed up in my office and asked me if I had uploaded any videos yet...... once again my answer was no!

So here is the deal and my disclaimer all rolled into one paragraph! These are uncut, un-edited, no scripts, no rehearsals, but are real, transparent, filled with bloopers and such and they are not for everyone! And yes, of course Jesus shows up in my storytelling! I am choosing to go live with them and I pray if you find yourself following my journey that you are encouraged, uplifted and find a laughter or two along the way!

Thank you, Trella, Damita and Dru for pushing me ...... Can a girl write a vlog dedication, you know like a book dedication? Well, I'm gonna do it....

"I would like to dedicate this first video to three beautiful, fun girls whom I have laughed with, cried with and had fun with and all whom love Starbucks as much as I do! Love all of you dearly, Teresa"

drumroll...... and yes here is the link to my very first ever video!

I'm Not Old-My Age is Just Fun-Sized

Thanks for stopping by Studio 52
A serendipity moment happened back in January and I decided to share it with whomever chooses to travel the roads of life with me!

Go - Smile - Love - Have Fun!


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  1. You totally crack me up! I don't know why you didn't think of this sooner! So glad that Trella, Damita and Dru convinced you to do this!


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