Friday, October 2, 2015

New Canvas Part 2

I just love it when an idea pops in my head and it comes together!
This canvas was fun, simplistic and energizing and it seems to be producing the result in others that it did in me…… smiles!
"Building layers tells my story" is stenciled into the side of the canvas; a nice reminder that no matter how we choose to embrace life we are people with layers, many layers that we have gained along the way…..

Julie Nutting doll stamps are one of those frills that have found their home in my studio.  A fond childhood memory that my mother created for me was teaching me how to make paper dolls out of the old Montgomery Wards catalogue. A pair of scissors, and a cardboard box made it complete because I now could go to the home decor section and decorate my house. Glue? Nothing fancy, water and flour was the paste of the day and it worked! 

Golden Gel Mediums Regular Gel (Gloss) my new preferred medium! And my tip for the day; apply with your fingers!

See the Tim Holtz tissue wrap - Melange
The texture of this paper is fantastic with the gel gloss!

Elementals window stencils by Prima Finnabair

a little Apple Barrel paint applied ….. true confession;
I still have a hard time with smearing paint over the paper!

Ranger makes this yummy Texture Paste
that is nice!
My cleanup tip: take the stencil outside and use the water hose to wash it up!

What should be next?

This texture thing always makes me smile!

and she is at home!
"I Live Inspired"

The "halo" is part of the window stencil
and originally I was going to place my girl as though she was
walking out of the window, but I changed the composition. 

Still trying to be comfortable with layers….. it is hard to find that stopping place!
True confession if you look closely you can spot a few more things I added!

trust in
 your potential,

the process,
something new,
but most of all 


A Donna Downy Unity Stamp

dimensions added makes for a nice canvas…..

Sally Lynn MacDonald with Palettini Collection "Travel Documents" stamp made it
to my canvas too. (If, you have not used her stamps you are missing an adventure.)
 After all traveling is a layer my girl
loves to do!

Worn Lipstick Distress Ink is one of my favorite "go to inks"!
She is stepping out in orange heels…...
Orange is the hot new fashion color this fall and every wardrobe needs a few orange accessories!

Art Anthology Coloration Sprays contributed my drippies!
Drippies are just therapy; what more can one say?

Hope you smiled at least once while reading my blog today!
Go -  be kind, and be gentle to all you meet today!
And remember the layers on the person standing in front of you may have
been added with pain along the way,
but that pain has been glossed over where you can no longer see it.
You have an opportunity to add a nice, colorful layer to them….

and their smile will be a beautiful moment for you!


Thank you for meeting me in Studio 52,
where serendipity moments happen!


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  1. Great blog today and the I am impressed! Simply stunning! I need to hang out with you more so some of that creativity will rub off on me!


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