Monday, May 26, 2014

Artful Words by Teresa

Sometimes, well make that most of the time when you live in the creative side you just don't stop looking, learning, and creating! I wanted to share a few creations I have been putting together with my Rhonna Designs iPad App. I think you can waste create for hours and hours and wonder where the time evaporated to! As with all techie stuff there is a learning curve. This app is worth the investment if you like the look of mixed media and I do! I just cannot always drag around my wonderful art supplies and play so this app seems to curb that desire a tad bit.

This is a creation I did during worship yesterday! I felt Abba Father speaking to me about traveling far, the requirements? Stand STILL and Do NOT BE Moved by ALL of the things that surround my little world. Sounds pretty easy; not so much! As our pastor was sharing yesterday our society has become very toxic. Many, many things are vying for our attention. We have to find that time, that secret place to be alone, really alone with Him. 

Yesterday all of our children "came home" to enjoy some chicken enchiladas, rice and beans.....
Damita is such a great help in the kitchen! I tell her and Olivia all the time that they are going to be wonderful cooks one day. Not sure if they can grasp the bigger picture, but never the less I insist on their help! Indeed Damita is Special to me and she makes me smile! I call her my 


Prima Marketing has a wonderful collection of rubber stamps by Julie Nutting
See her blog here: 

Sooooo many to choose from; Julie and Natalie and Shay and Lorena and Tasha and Mindy and Priscilla and Mia and Kate and Olive and Sunshine and well you get the general idea! Soooo many and soooo little time!!!

I always loved playing with paper dolls when I was a little girl. My mother would mix up some flour and water and make a gooey substance she called paste. She would let me have the expired Montgomery Wards catalog and a big cardboard box and a pair of scissors! I would cut and paste and create for hours on end. I am excited about the endless possibilities of mixing these in with my mixed media......... you will have to visit my blog again to see the ongoing story! P.S. Thank you Miss Ann L. for introducing me to these adorable little ladies and allowing me to "play" with your dolls!

NO Matter HOW I feel These words spoke, 

well breathed a breath of fresh air into my weary soul! 
has and will always BELIEVE in me! 

I am the 
APPLE of His eye

I am special to HIM. I am his little princess!

AND SO ARE YOU! Now go and create something that inspires you and reminds you of the beauty all around ......

Till next time my coffee cup and mouse meet.....


  1. You are a true blogger...even if you don't blog often! Love the way you write, create, think! That was a good message Sunday! I think I'm learning that "mixed media" is just not my thing.

  2. Thanks my friend! Mixed media might not be your thing but your good at it! If I think I should be scrapbooking instead than it still messes with me! I try to focus on it as simply a for of art expression, period!


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