Friday, May 29, 2009

Me~We! (quick version of who we are!)

“Mamas Exchanging Wisdom & Encouragement”
“Help I need more than a trite cliche!”

Who: All women who are college-career and up

What: Learning the art of acceptance as called women of God, walking out of apathetic lifestyles embracing the passion, fullness and liberty of Zion!

Why: In our society today most of us will find ourselves in the midst of melodrama and we can choose to walk as a mellow mama making melody in our hearts and refusing to be cast center stage! Regardless of your age there will always be older women for you to support and younger women for you to protect.

When: Me~We! will meet approximately every six weeks, however the emphasis will be to encourage other women on a daily basis.

Where: WOLC

How: By breaking bread and nourishing the body, providing an activity for the hands, wisdom for the mind and encouragement for the heart!

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